Dry Creek HOA Homeowner's Association

Niwot, Colorado

Upcoming events

    • 23 Oct 2018
    • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 7320 Dry Creek Road (Kelly's home)

    Sorry for the wrong date on the first notice! The date is actually October 23 (Tuesday).

    All members are invited to attend the meeting. Time is reserved for member comments at the beginning of the meeting. If you would like the board to consider an item for the agenda, please email drycreekhoaniwot@gmail.com with information.


    1. Member comments
    2. Review and approve minutes from Aug 14
    3. Financial report from the Treasurer
    4. Plan near term tree work
    5. Road options report after meeting with County Transportation
    6. Discussion of 2018 Board Resolution Regarding Polices and Procedures Covenant and Rules Enforcement
    7. Report from survey committee
    8. 2019 Budget proposal
Dry Creek HOA
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Niwot, CO 80544
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